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Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse is a fantastic sport and one that requires a lot of skill and some expensive equipment to get the most out of. At the top end, players will use highly expensive sticks that are made from premium materials to provide incredible lightness, quickness and durability. This is combined with smartly designed heads for maximum precision and retention; all of which allows for fast paced play and amazing shots over a great distance.

But no one starts out like that – and lacrosse can also be an excellent game for young children looking for some extra exercise and healthy competition. It develops hand-eye coordination and has simple and easy rules that make it suitable for kids of all ages and very easy to get to grips with.

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At this level of course, you won’t need or want something made from expensive carbon fibers and you also need to find something that will be suitable for beginners and that will make the game easy and fun to play.

That’s what the Warrior Mini Evo 4 can provide and that’s what makes it such an excellent choice for younger children that are just learning or even for adults who want something cheap and cheerful that they can use to practice in the garden or even around the house.


The Warrior Mini Evo 4 offers incredible value at just under $20 for the stick itself and a ball.

This is a ready made stick. That right away positions it as a piece of equipment for children and beginners. At the higher end, more expensive equipment will normally mean buying the sticks and the heads separately.

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By doing this, a player can choose precisely the right design for their head to match their playing style and they can choose precisely the right length and material for the shaft. This is more expensive and complicated however, which is why a complete beginner or child will usually do better with an all-in-one option.

The Warrior Mini Evo 4 comes in just one size, which is short enough for young children around the age of 8. In keeping with the ‘beginner’ ethos, this lacrosse stick features an easy design with a wide head for easily blocking and intercepting shots. It should provide an excellent tool for young children to learn with, as well as a fun item to enjoy playuing with around the home.

Benefits And Features

While this stick is very much a cheap beginners stick, it nevertheless has the advantage of being made from higher quality materials – specifically aluminum. This is a very important feature and is what makes this such excellent value at under $20.

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Very often, at this price point you will be looking at a plastic shaft and head which will make the stick highly brittle. Even in a highschool setting, these sticks might not be suitable and could break easily during practice.

In this case, the product is aluminum which makes it feel much more durable and also provides an experience that is more similar to using a regulation stick.

The string in the head is a soft mesh. This prevents balls from bouncing and ensures that the stick will be able to hold on to them more easily. That said, there is some criticism that the string job isn’t that good, so this is something you might want to consider.

Another feature of this stick that is worth mentioning, is the fact that it can fit a regulation ball. While the stick is not regulation, this fact means that you can enjoy practicing at home using the correct sized ball for a much more useful and transferrable experience.

What Customers Say

At the time of writing, there are several reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4/5. This is a very good score and reflects the great quality of this stick at its price point.

Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Stick

The reviews generally praise the quality of the shaft which is made from a solid aluminum and also the size and suitability for young children. On the whole, the reviewers were surprised with the quality they got, compared with the low price that they paid for it.

With that said though, there were also some criticisms and those mainly revolved around the way that the pocket was tied. Several users complained that the mesh pocket was not very well inserted and that it would occasionally cause the ball to bounce out etc.

Likewise, some reviewers also found that the pocket was completely missing! This suggests that perhaps it came untied en-route.

Either way, this is an easy problem to fix – just be aware that it may require a little work before it’s ready for prime time.

Buying Options

This product costs just under $20. It only comes in one size, however it is available in different colors.


In conclusion, this is a fantastic choice of lacrosse stick for anyone who is just starting out for the first time, or who perhaps is looking for something fun they can use at home. It’s great for kids but also for adults who just want to throw a ball around in the garden, or perhaps get in a little practice even in doors.

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When you buy a ready-made lacrosse stick, you should always expect it to be aimed at beginners and to use cheaper materials. This is par for the course, as any professional lacrosse player would expect to make the stick from the two parts.

However, as beginner sticks go, this is one of the very best for the price thanks to that aluminum construction. This makes a very big difference and means that you can feel a lot more pro while practicing. The fact that it fits a regulation ball is also ideal for practice. Just make sure you are aware going in that this is not suitable for use in competition.

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