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STX FiddleSTX Mini Super Power Stick

Lacrosse is a fantastic sport and one that brings together a wealth of different skills and abilities in a way that allows anyone to appreciate them. This is a great sport for kids but also highly worthwhile for adults and anyone who wants to test their speed, reflexes, accuracy and aim.

One of the most important keys to success in lacrosse though is your lacrosse stick – also known as a crosse. This is the tool you will use to interact with the ball and if all goes to plan, it should become an extension of your body. The best lacrosse sticks provide you with tons of accuracy, highly premium materials for incredibly quickness and durability and a long reach when needed.

STX FiddleSTX Lacrosse Stick

But we all have to start somewhere and before you get to the point where you’re using advanced-level sticks, you’ll likely want to begin with something a little more basic and affordable.

The STX FiddleSTX two pack offers precisely that starting point and is a great choice for anyone just getting started.


The STX FiddleSTX two pack provides incredible value for money, offering one ball and two ready-made sticks at a low price of under $28. You can pay a lot more than that for even just a single (and basic) stick, which tells you just what excellent value this is.

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power With Plastic Handle And One Ball

There’s a reason for that low price though, which is simply that these are very much at the basic end of the spectrum in terms of their design and choice of materials. Both the heads and the shafts are fully plastic and would be much too brittle, even for practicing at school.

These are ‘mini lacrosse sticks’, which are essentially more like garden toys than anything else. That makes them well suited to families that want to enjoy a little sport in the garden, or even to more experienced athletes who just want something they can practice with. Using something like this, you would have no problem practicing even around the home!

Benefits And Features

There are no advanced features included with these sticks, however the design of the head is very much in-keeping with the beginner-oriented nature of the product. These are wide heads with deep products and great dips for picking up ground balls. The sticks should make lacrosse that much easier to pick up and enjoy for a new player.

STX Lacrosse Head With Ball

Despite the brittle plastic construction, these sticks promise to be as rugged as can be expected for the price thanks to a smart design.

On the whole, these are good introductory sticks for those just starting out and those wanting a fun way to practice that won’t break the bank.

What Customers Say

At the time of writing, there are several customer reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4/5 stars. That’s a very positive score and most people users were very happy with what they got.

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power With Plastic Handle And One Ball

The majority of customers either purchased these sticks for young children, or so that they could play and practice in their own back yards. Either way, they knew what to expect when making their decision, which is what resulted in the clear customer satisfaction.

The reviews generally raved about the price, the light weight and the shorter length – all of which are ideal for young children. The included ball is also a very nice touch.

The negative comments on the other hand tended to focus on the light plastic used in the construction of the shaft. Some users felt this made the item feel cheap and were worried it would break after a short amount of time.

Buying Options

At the time of writing, this product is available for just under $28 from Amazon. This is down from the usual price of under $34, which is still a very reasonable price when you consider that you get two sticks and a ball as well.

STX STX Lacrosse Balls


I conclusion then, the STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power With Plastic Handle and One Ball is a fantastic package in terms of value for money. If you are looking for a way to play lacrosse with your family or friends in the back yard, then this is a cheap way to get everything you need to get started – and of course the low price also means that you can easily buy several sticks and balls and that way enjoy playing with more people.

This is also a great stick for young children, under and up to the age of 8.

But it is important to know what you are getting here. These ‘mini lacrosse sticks’ are not suitable for competition or even for learning. There is no mention as to whether they will hold a regulation ball and the length is also very short. If you were to try and use these in a real game, then they would snap very early on.

Another point to consider here though is that these are fully constructed sticks – and that will almost always mean that they are going to be aimed primarily at younger children or hobbyist looking for something to practice with.

Those looking for professional-level lacrosse sticks that will be suitable for competition will always need to purchase the lacrosse head and shaft separately. This will generally be a little more expensive and a little more complicated but in order to get the best quality materials and a tool that is specifically suited to a certain play style and position, that is the only option.

To conclude then: these sticks are great for those who are looking for a toy or something a bit of fun. As long as you are aware of their limitations and you know what you are getting, then they are a great option and good offer with positive reviews!

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